Here at Herron Aerial Photography we like to bring fresh ideas, key knowledge and a whole world of experience together to create cinematic quality, licensed and insured aerial photography. Our firm specializes in all things flying and camera, so we can create perfect product placements, help you create film for your products and even help you examine your property from above, as in the case of the construction industry, the automotive dealerships and the roof inspection services we aid. We might be able to help you, too! Take a look at some of our portfolio work and call us today to book your first session!

911 Lonestar Pilot Knob volcano footage

911 Lonestar Pilot Knob volcano footage for episode S2 E2 2100˚

Promotional video for the Austin Welcome Center

Promotional video for Austin Bat Tours

Sales video Village Homes, Mustang Ridge, TX

Promotional real estate video, Austin, TX

Promotional video for 375 acre ranch, Bertram, TX

Aerial image of vibrant orange and soft blues in a dramatic sky surround the Texas State Capitol building during this spectacular sunset over downtown Austin, Texas. The Zilker Holiday Tree and Austin Trail of Lights can be seen in the distant background.

This is one of our aerial shots of our fabulous city in which you can pick up the skyline, the river and even Lady Bird Lake. This particular evening there was a lovely red sunset in the sky and we rushed outside to catch it. There is something intrinsically magical about the city just after sunset; something that commercial images should be capitalizing on! We can do aerial shots of any location no matter the size… as you can see, we can even do full cities!

This image proves that even the most mundane of every day occurrences can be transformed into fine art with the right eye, the right tools and a fully licensed, insured and certified unmanned aircraft pilot! The play of light on this image adds a next level touch of refreshing inspiration and we love the detailing of the rush hour traffic on the I-35. As you can imagine, automotive companies can really benefit from showcasing their products in this manner – and we will happily take on the work. Just contact us today to find out how we can help your firm achieve maximum product potential!

As proof that we are able to photograph large scale events and special occasions; we produced this shot of the tourists lining up on Congress Avenue Bridge just before sunset to catch the fabled flight of the bats. We can provide professional, state-of-the-art aerial photography via unmanned vehicle expert and company founder Dan Herron; who makes sure not to get into any flight-paths that the bats might take. One of the star attractions of this city and perfect to showcase our talents for picking out individual faces in a crowd… book us for your wedding or corporate event and find out for yourself!

This fabulous red sunset over the Austin skyline was exactly the right amount of light and shadow for our photographers to fall in love with. We can reproduce this effect for any industry; be it resort and hotels who want to map out their grounds or be it corporations who want to insert promotional videos into their ads – we can make aerial drone stock photographs and footage capable of giving your product, place or service a glowing review.

Aerial Image of the beautiful Austin, Texas Skyline

Finally, we rushed out as soon as the sunset to catch this stunning aerial shot of our fair city. This image is proof that we can operate day or night – so there is no need to be put off booking us for your event or special occasion simply because it takes place at night. We can provide next-level photography that means your event will never be forgotten.. .so what are you waiting for? Book us now to find out how much beneficial impact we could have on your Austin based business!